My daughter’s birthday is just a few days away, and while shes already received a new game for her Android device, and a Disney Frozen book for her birthday I wanted to get her something special. You see, we became a family about a year ago, I married her mother this past March, but we got together late last year, and that to us is when we became a family.


So I was looking on Amazon at something small to get her that was also pretty, and affordable. I found a beautiful necklace and ordered it. It’s made by BEADNOVA and is a purple amethyst gem on a stainless steel chain. They have nine other colors for a total of ten different ones. I’m sure you’ll find one you like.

As always Amazon Prime delivered within their promised two days from the day I ordered. I placed the order Monday evening, and here it is Wednesday, and I have the package in hand. It came in a pretty purple colored box with a slight pink hue with a pink bow on it. Beautiful presentation.

Once you open the box, you see the necklace on the usual plush/felt jewelry holder that comes with most items of this nature. The pamphlet type thing that comes with it is a nice touch. It thanks you for buying their product, and offers their Facebook page information, and has a quirky, kinda funny note.

The chain is gorgeous and sparkles nicely. It is stainless steel, so I’m hoping it holds up under the wear and tear of my 7yr old daughter. The color of the gem is very pretty and is her favorite color. It’s held in place by what appears to be a stainless steel bracket at the top, and based on my testing it seems solidly constructed. Only time will tell how well the color stays, and how well it holds up.

For the price, I couldn’t be happier with what I got. I see this as an affordable product that is solidly made and would recommend it to anyone looking for a cheap gift for their child, or just something to wear around town a few times. I’m sure this would suit adults just as well. My daughter absolutely adores this necklace.

Update 10-03-17: The clasps that were on the chain to connect it and wear it have broken. My daughter was not hard on this it was just cheaply made and is to be expected. The chain is easily and fairly cheaply replaced though so as long as the rest holds up, I feel this is still a good deal. I have updated the build quality score from 8.5 to 7 to reflect this.

Broken Necklace

Update 10-19-17: The necklace’s amethyst stone broke out of its holder and is missing. I will be contacting Amazon for a refund or replacement.

Update 10-20-17: I have contacted Amazon and got a no-hassle refund on the necklace, love their customer service. They also told me I could do whatever I want with the old necklace. Amazon also let me know if my promo pricing for the necklace wasn’t valid anymore they’d help.

I then contacted BEADNOVA on Facebook. BEADNOVA responded decently fast and asked which necklace and how it broke. I showed them a picture of the Amazon item as well as the broken necklace I have. They say they will be working to improve their products further and apologized. I was offered another discount to buy another, as I had requested. I just placed a new order for another necklace. Fantastic service and turnaround. I have updated the review to reflect the build quality and customer service.

BEADNOVA – Purple Amethyst Necklace
Build Quality5
Customer Service10
User Rating1 Vote10
Bottom Line
It's a value necklace that for the price is hard to beat. Looks great and seems well made.
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