Modern Gaming


NEO Scavenger

This game may not look like it on the surface, but the game is really solid. Made by industry veterans it has a lot to offer. Read on for our full review!

Battlefield 1

Ah, Battlefield 1. It’s good to be back with all out war. This time the game series takes us not to a fictional war, but one in our not so recent past: World War I. Did it live up to its pedigree? Read on to find out more!


Singularity is one of those underrated and well-hidden gems that takes you on a rather twisted journey. Time-travel, Russians, and mutants, oh my! Fight the past, save the future. Read on for our full review!

The Long Dark

The Long Dark has finally come out after being in development for over three years. During development, it was previously released in early access on Steam and on the Xbox under the Game Preview Program. Now it’s here to kick some ass. Read on for our review!