I posted a review about a week ago of one of these handmade hemp cord amethyst necklaces. And they seem to get better with each one!

The one we are looking at today is on an even shorter 16-inch hemp cord, which as I mentioned last week can be short for those of us with larger necks. Make sure to check before you buy as with anything in life.

The amethyst is smaller this time around, which to me, is better as it stays more out of the way. It also has a bit more of a sparkle to it. The amethyst is surrounded by some pretty beads and other pieces. The difference this time, however, is that he used more clear shiny ones instead of the metal ones from last time. Seeing as I love shiny things, this is my favorite of between the two I have reviewed.

I like both, however maybe in the future, he’ll make one incorporating all of these, man that would be even prettier! Either way, this necklace is very solidly constructed and should hold up over time. It uses the same type of clasp as last time. It’s easy enough to get on and off and should stand the test of time.This necklace would be an elegant gift for almost anyone you could think to buy this for, even yourself. It’s well made and very pretty, it’s a bit on the small side like mentioned above but if it will fit who you’re buying it for they will not be disappointed. These are still currently going for $20.

Full disclosure: I am not being paid for these reviews, but I was given access to the product for review which is being sent back after it’s done.

Russell’s blog: https://russmoonites.blogspot.com/

Handmade Sparkly Amethyst Necklace
Build Quality9.5
User Rating1 Vote10
Bottom Line
A very nice sparkly necklace that should hold up under the test of time. Perfect for nearly anyone as a gift.
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