All Hallows’ Eve or better known as Halloween is tonight. This is a time of fun, tricks, and treats. It’s a time when kids of all ages can dress up whether it be scary, pretty or anything in between. But let’s not forget to have fun. Halloween is a holiday not to be taken overly serious let’s keep it that way.

Halloween, when I was younger, was a much simpler time kids would dress up, and parents would too! We’d go out house to house about dusk and start collecting our hoard of candy. Other families would stay home and give out various treats and other goodies. These were times when memories were made, where family-friendly was more up front and center.

These days however it’s much easier to get caught on things like how much the candy costs and people have, quite a bit these days, decided to be greedy and not give out treats like they once did. This is on top of others who focus more on what someone is dressed as, instead of how they are dressed as them. People are finding offense wherever you go these days.My family this year is going to be staying home and handing out candy, and as the first time ever doing this my daughter couldn’t be more excited! The last 3 months of the year is also my favorite time of the year, and it goes so fast it becomes a blur. I am writing today to appeal to everyone to just have fun and be safe tonight. Don’t take things too seriously and remember this is a holiday where the scariest thing you should worry about is running out of space to carry your treats! Enjoy the night everyone, I know we will.