Dr. No released in 1962 well before I was born but as a James Bond fan I figured I would start with the first and work my way through them and write reviews on them. I feel as with most things we need to look into our past to see where we came from to realize just how far we’ve come and truly understand and respect where we are now. This is also very similar to how I am doing my wrestling retrospectives as well.

Without further ado, here is my review of Dr. No.The movie starts with an odd scene of three blind men walking through a town. Soon enough we find not all is as it would seem. Not only do they quickly dispose of both a man and a woman, but they aren’t blind. These murders will serve as the backdrop for the overarching story of this movie.

Sometime after this, we are introduced to Bond, James Bond. Truly a ladies man as most fans of the series knows well. I find the earlier James Bond films were a lot heavier with spy espionage, but that’s not to say they didn’t have any action. I think this movie had a good balance of mystery, spy antics, and yes even action.

James Bond is sent to investigate the disappearances of the people mentioned above and teams up with a guy named Quarrel as a quasi-sidekick for most of the movie. Quarrel is a character that really grows on you, and you gain a certain fondness for. Together they set off to explore Crab Key an island off the coast of Jamaica which is the location where the movie was set.

I’m going to try and keep these reviews as spoiler free as I can. With that said, once they arrive on Crab Key we met the first infamous Bond Girl: Honey. After that, things go downhill quickly spiraling towards a dramatic and spy-action fueled ending.

Honey was a character that was more of a helpless dame it would seem but with a lot of world experience. She really had the potential to be a more significant part of the movie. I feel that is one of my major letdowns as her character developed I feel she could have and should have been much more involved.I really liked this movie. Sean Connery was great as James Bond. Not only did he set the bar for all other actors that would come after him as James Bond, but he did it with a certain class that most never achieved. His character was believable, intelligent, and ever the ladies man.

Dr. No was a great movie and one I can wholeheartedly recommend to fans of spy movies, James Bond fans, or just anyone looking for a good movie to pass some time. It had great pacing and plenty of mystery and intrigue. Check this movie out and watch it if you haven’t.

James Bond: Dr. No (1962)
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Great movie that fans of the genre should love. All James Bond fans should watch and see where it all began.
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