In the age of the World Wide Web, we all have different methods to keep in contact and connect with one another. One such way is Facebook. Sure, it can be used for connecting with friends, or businesses, or maybe even publicity. However, some people are oblivious when it comes to how they should behave while they use Facebook. Other people simply don’t care because it’s the internet. As a result, they act out or treat people like a turd in the toilet.

Ever befriend someone you may not know? How about befriending someone because they’re a friend of a friend? How about a friend of yours, that you secretly just want to ignore, or find extremely stupid or annoying? I find myself in that position all the time on Facebook; some people just have no concern for what others may or may not want to see or be spammed by. The following are the 5 things that annoy me most on Facebook.


Ever see on TV, or any other form of advertising where they ask you to “like” them on Facebook, or for that matter, follow them on Twitter? Some are useful, or interesting and should be liked, but I feel if a person likes something they will usually look it up and like them; they don’t need to be asked or told. We have a local bank here in my town of some ~6,000 people that advertise for people to “like” them. Pathetic and pointless. In a small town like where I live, it would be extremely pointless for anyone to “like” a place such as a small bank. Then there are those where you need to “like” them to gain access to contests, or special promotions. Treat people equally and more people may just “like you”.

4) Drama, trolling, flaming, stupidity.

They’re ultimately the same thing and incredibly pointless. People think because it’s the internet, what they say won’t hurt anyone, or that they cannot be found. Totally incorrect and just plain wrong. You are not protected; if someone wants to find out who you are, it’s not hard. If you don’t have the balls to say something to someone in real life, face to face, don’t you dare go on the internet and say it there instead. If you’re pissed off at someone, handle it like an adult and either email them, message them privately, or call them. Or, better yet, get off your dumb ass and go talk to them face to face. No one cares to see you talk shit on the internet.

3) Dependency.

A similar but different thing I cannot stand in today’s world is the dependency people have on social networks like Facebook. So many people “hook up”, find each other and communicate exclusively on Facebook. In some instances, that’s fine, but I have seen people in the same room, or even sitting next to each other talk to and interact on Facebook, rather than face to face. It’s disturbing, and it’s sickening. Do society a favor, call someone, go outside and meet up with them, you know, hang out and talk face to face? Convenience aside, there’s little reason to do these things like this. If you’re going to break up with someone, grow some balls, and do it in person. If you want to ask someone out and you’re able to, then do it in person. Stop being cowards, stop being lazy. You can live more than 5 minutes without Facebook, and you can go through a day without checking out your wall. Also, put the damn cell phone down.

2) Pointless Apps.

Seriously, who gives a damn about a truth game? No, I will not allow the damn app access to my personal information or wall to see if you like me, or if you think I’m cute. Fuck yourself. I don’t care about your questions; if you use an app to ask or answer a question, then obviously it wasn’t important, or you would have asked me via wall or private message, possibly by email, phone or better yet, in person. I won’t ever allow any of these stupid apps access to do as they want just to see what you or anyone else has to say. They’re worthless creations of an idiot with no brain. And what’s even worse? They now have your personal information and can see and post on your wall. So congrats for giving out your private conversations and information to someone you don’t know.

1) Spam/Chain posts.

Continuing the last point, I can’t stand it when someone shares a stupid post spreading throughout Facebook, or makes a post or posts that don’t contain anything useful or important. I don’t care if you went and took a shit, and I don’t care if you hate someone. Seriously, that’s not something you want to post in public. And no, Facebook is not closing down if you and 5 million others don’t share that post. You will not die or get hurt if you don’t post that crap to all of your friends.

And if you think true love will happen tomorrow because you shared that other post, you’re stupider than you look in that lame picture you thought was fun to take in front of the bathroom mirror. Grow up, think before you post, and act like the people reading your posts are human. They’re just like you: a person. You’re not faceless, your privacy was never protected. Stop pissing people off because you think you’re funny or cool.

There may be some cases where you may want to share things for a good cause, and there are some great apps that can be fun, as well as some arguments that can be held respectfully. Hell, there may even be times you need to message someone sitting next to you. But mindlessly fighting and acting stupid on Facebook and the rest of the internet needs to end. I know most will brush this off and not care, but you’re likely part of the problem. Check yourself before someone breaks yourself.