Anyone who has played an online game has been affected by some form of script kiddie commonly referred to as a “hacker”. Today, we will look at the underground industry that, in my opinion, has flourished for too long, and has ruined way too many games.

I love gaming; it’s no secret I spend much of my time doing such. But with online gaming comes cheating, and yes, I’ve cheated in single player games, and yes, even in online games. I’ve used “hacks” in certain FPS games; not to gain an advantage, mind you, but to even it out in games that are flooded with them. I’ve even used them in other ones that I just cannot stand playing, and used it to get some kind of enjoyment from the otherwise mediocre game. Does any of that matter? Did it justify it? The answer is a resounding “NO!”.

With all that said, games just aren’t the same when you know where everyone is, or use it to aim, or in extreme cases shoot the gun for you. Any of these could ruin a fair game being played, and totally sap the fun from those trying to play a game fairly,

Most “hackers” are actually nothing more than someone who went online and bought (Yes, spent money to buy) a “hack”. These are actually nothing more than programs that hook into the game engine, overlays your screen allowing you to see the enemies, and usually controls the aim for you. There are different ones, and some develop their own, sure, but most hack developers never actually use their own more than just selling them to make money. A LOT of money.

Moving back to the main point: you sit down to play your game, you find lobby/game you want to play, you get on, and at every turn you take, you die. But not because of someone being better than you. It’s because they knew you were there and were coming. Some even try and hide the fact they’re cheating by using FOV limitation setting in their “hack” to limit the mouse movement of of the “hack” to around 5-15 degrees, and because of that, most server admins don’t notice or do anything to stop them.

But damn does it piss me off into a complete rage. I won’t lie, I get pissed off and I might make strange noises that sound like wild animals breeding. I feel like strangling my mouse/controller. I am, in my opinion, a decent player, and if left without a “hacker” on the game I’m playing, I usually top my team and dominate. I wish “hackers” would just get on a game by themselves and have fun hacking the crap out of each other, but they won’t. Wanna know why?

Very simply put: they get their rocks off by pissing you off. Yep, that’s it, they love pissing people off. Others will do it to be a “better” player, but wake up and face the reality of the situation, you’re not better. Your “hacks” are playing the game for you. You still suck, and you still lack any skill necessary to do anything except enter your credit card information into the “hack” website where you bought your “hack” from. I guess it’s fun whacking off while your bot kills everyone, your hands are free; might as well molest yourself.

You know what really pisses me off? People who use these things to *ahem* “play better”, and then when called out by someone such as myself, they reply, “you suck” or “get some skill”. Laughable, really it is. Not funny, mind you, but laughable. Here I am, usually topping my team, and you keep killing me because you know where I am before I do. Nothing ruins a game faster than when you get in a game with a couple of these asshats and do nothing but die.


Don’t even get me started on anti-cheat programs and services. “Hacks” bypass or disable them, so they’re worthless in stopping cheating. All they do is every now and then collect some “hacks” and add them to a database to be able to pick them up. They do nothing to stop the majority of the private “VIP” ones that are out there; usually, they’re just stopping the free public ones. I wish game companies would work on changing their engines a bit, and ditch all these useless anti-cheat tools and services and work on their own for once.

Server admins, if you’re going to operate a server: watch for hackers, check out everyone that has a completely imbalanced K:D ratio, as well as those being called out for it. Also, hands-on “hack” training would help you in identifying “hacks”. I have used them and can now identify them easily. Believe it or not, it helps. I’m not saying “hack” your game, I’m saying try it against friends or bots to see the settings, and how they work so you can get a better understanding of them. I don’t like “hacking” games. I enjoy playing them the way they were meant to be played.

Well, that’s pretty much it. Not as sparky of an article as usual, but I hope it was at least informative and insightful. “Hacking” is lame, grow up, stop fapping to your artificial ego and realize your overgrown epeen means nothing.  Learn to play the game for what it is and maybe one day you’ll care about fellow gamers.