For at least a few years now this political correctness movement that set out to keep people from being offended has grown, and it has now gone too far. Everything someone says these days it seems, especially on the internet, is being criticized and is subject to the same old rhetoric about what you said is inappropriate. Now I know some things shouldn’t be said, and there are other things that are just downright disgusting but to go around looking for things to call sexist, racist or insensitive to a particular race, gender, orientation, or even religion is just taking it too far.

Words are, generally, only offensive if you make them that way. Sure some words have a certain stigma attached, but in the end, it’s you who choose what to be offended by. Racist slurs and sexist comments don’t have a place in today’s society, but to go around searching for benign words to be offended by helps no one. Sadly, it’s not just words that this movement has affected.

For example, people are on this kick how Hollywood is whitewashing television and movies. Yet, only in rare cases has anything even remotely like what they said actually happened. I’m all for equal representation but let’s not hire someone on the sole basis of their sex, race, orientation or otherwise unless the script or story explicitly calls for that. Instead let’s hire the right person, the best person for the job regardless of what sex, race, orientation, or otherwise. We need to move beyond seeking out specific groups of individuals and just hire those who are right for the job; equal representation would follow this.

This problem, however, is not isolated to television, or movies either. Corporations are being forced to hire people, not because they are the most qualified, or best person for the job, but because they need more women, or people of color, etc. It’s ridiculous and needs to stop, hire based on ability, knowledge, and skills. Get the best person for the job period.

But again that is only one example; we have people going around now telling others not to use certain words, benign words, words that mean no offense, and cause none. Well, unless you are seeking to be offended and like trying to tell others how certain words shouldn’t be used because you’re a feminist or some other form of an activist. The women’s movement once stood for equality, but these days the majority that is vocal out of their groups don’t want equality. They want to be treated special, and then when treated as such claim inequality and other such nonsense. You cannot have it both ways.

I respect women, I will fight alongside you for you to have equal rights, just as I would any group of people on this planet, but you need to stop finding offense in every little thing or every innocent little word being said. That serves no one and only makes your movement look petty. Then, we have this so called Black Lives Matter movement. Oh boy. It’s the epitome of ridiculous.

I’m not going to sit here and say there are no inequalities racially, there are, but to focus on one particular group at a time helps nothing. People that are a part of BLM say let’s focus on people of color right now, I say fuck that. Why? If we concentrate on only people of color and not everyone as equals what we will end up with is a never-ending fight for equality that will only lead to distress, bad blood, and further inequality.

You cannot focus on one group of people hoping to boost their equality and not see that demeans other groups fighting for their respective groups. It’s segregation, and it’s stupid. Let’s fight for everyone’s lives, everyone’s rights, and together we may accomplish what we set out to do in the first place: equality.

I’m sure there will be those who ignore what I have written here, most will tell me how I’m wrong, and that’s to be expected. People like being told how to think and how to feel, and it’s sad most will never think, or act for themselves. They join one of these classifications and never look around outside to see what else is out there. That is what leads people to be offended in the first place. And that is why the PC movement has gotten as bad as it is today. Everyone is out for themselves, but they do it in segregated groups that only care about their own ambitions, and goals and not the betterment of the entire human race.

This needs to stop. Stop lumping yourself into political groups, stop calling yourself Liberals, or Conservatives, stop going around calling everything sexist, or racist, stop forming groups that only serve to segregate. People need learn to be themselves, think for themselves, fight for real change, true equality. But, this is not going to happen if you continue to only believe your particular group matters, if even for just the moment. All lives matter, equally.

What do you think? Are you tired of this crap as well? Do you think we haven’t gone far enough? Please let me know your thoughts!