It’s no secret that I’m a South Park fan. This single show does political commentary, random bits of funny, and general stupid better than any other show I can think of. And now there is a game that is more deserving of the South Park name than any of those which came before it. With a sequel on the way, I felt now was a great time to play it for the fourth time and do a review on it.

South Park: The Stick of Truth starts off with an awesome intro based on much of the tropes of the show. If you watched the show around the time it was initially set to launch you’d have seen the tie-in and lead up to the game. If not, that’s ok. It’s not hard to understand.

In the game, you take the role of a new kid who has just moved to South Park for reasons unknown to us. It adds an element of mystery to the game’s main story. The plot driver is not the greatest, but it’s there. Shortly after starting you will make your character. The character creator has plenty of options, and while playing the game you get plenty more clothes and accessories.

Once character creation is done, you will quickly start to meet the kids and even the other characters from the show. You get involved in this massive plot for what seems like just an ordinary stick from a tree, which the boys call the Stick of Truth. Well, it gets stolen by some of the other boys, and the quest at hand quickly spirals out of control.Between a Taco Bell, aliens, abortions, underwear gnomes, and other random bits of characters and things from past episodes of South Park thrown about this game sure kicks up the nostalgia and references to the show are EVERYWHERE. Great use of the source material. The show’s humor is on full display in this game. I never felt let down by the script and was always wanting to push forward to see what would happen next.

Some advice I can offer is to explore the town thoroughly as it hides many secrets and side missions that can be just as good as the main story in their small ways. Don’t be afraid to use your PP(Yep I said PP lol). And don’t ever fart on anyone’s balls. Money is relatively easy to earn, just break all the random objects around people’s houses and around town and sell the junk you collect from doing so and you’ll never have to worry about money.

I did encounter a few bugs during gameplay. For example, if you aim your bow while near or against a wall the aiming crosshairs will move up, and not stop even if you try to aim with the analogue stick. You have to step away from the wall and try again. A few times while playing the game’s audio cut out, or worse the game froze, and I had to restart the game and load my last save. Luckily none were that major of a setback and were usually very close to my last save.

Not a bug but sometimes at certain points in the game, you get new gear based on story progression. Frustratingly, it will auto-equip these, and it can be annoying to have to go back in and change back some items to what you had on.With a game with graphics and art from the show, amazing voice acting, and a solid story this game feels like you are playing inside a very long episode of the show. The game features so many unique settings and elements. It’s loaded with original ideas and will leave you wanting more.

South Park: The Stick of Truth
Plot / Story10
User Rating1 Vote9.9
Amazing Plot
Graphics Right From The Show
Awesome Humor
Bottom Line
I cannot recommend this game enough if you love the show, RPGs, or comedy this game is a must play. And with a sequel on the way, there is no better time to pick up a copy and play it.