Trump has tried at least 2-3 times now to effectively implement a ban on Muslims from entering the United States. Dress it up however you want this is Islamaphobic. Most of the countries banned have never been involved or knowingly had citizens involved in attacking Americans, not here, and not across the world. Other countries that have had citizens involved are not banned. There are a few exceptions to this, but we should not treat everyone from these countries as if they’re all guilty. This ban is nothing more than an appeal to his base, and a follow through on a campaign promise to bring upon Americans this xenophobic action.Let me make this clear, and most Americans do not support his actions, and therefore should not be held in judgment for his hatred and blatant racism. This goes beyond a single group of people, as he has also shown racism against Mexicans, which he called rapists. He has a disdain for anyone who is not a rich, white, American. Trump is a very disgusting and horrible human being.

But back to the ban. Trump claims this will make America safer, but it won’t. Not now, not ever. He claims it’s to stop terrorists. This ban has nothing to do with terrorism and everything to do with a knee-jerk reaction to current world events, and base appeal. This ban will also hurt America because we will inevitably block perfectly safe, and good people from entering our country. Not to mention this ban will also lead to a lack of diversity in the work environment and is an attack on an entire culture. This madness must end.We are already the joke of the world now because he is even the President. But, now with this ban in place, it’s just fuel for the terrorists to further radicalize people with. Trump needs an education on policy, equality, and basic human decency. And until we remove this tumor from American leadership he threatens to bring us all down being the cancer he is.