Welcome to Think Critic! We will have many forms of opinion pieces on a broad range of topics. We will also be posting retro and modern gaming reviews as well as technology, political and world news.

WARNING: This site will be brash, it will be bold, and we will hold nothing back. If you are easily offended, or cannot accept another person’s opinion on something know that you have been warned. We will always strive to be as factual as possible even while voicing our opinion.

A brief overview of what is to come is below.

Our “Pissed Off” series will be posted when something pisses us off, and will usually be a bit of a rant; this one will be the boldest of all opinion articles. We will also, as part of “The List” series, make lists of various things. We launch today with a few re-mastered articles and reviews from the past, with more on the way soon.

From all of us here at Think Critic, thank you for being along for what is sure to be one hell of a ride!