TNA started in 2002 founded by Jeff Jarrett and his father Jerry Jarret. They ran quickly into financial issues and brought on a family friend in Dixie Carter, who with help from her father Bob Carter allowed TNA to flourish for several years unchecked. These were the best times to be a TNA fan.

Then, around 2010 we entered the Hogan/Bischoff era within the company in which they bled TNA dry of funding while convincing them to start the war with WWE again. We all know how this ended. Failure. During this time they also hired on Ric Flair who screwed them almost as badly and they lost a lot of good talent in the process during these moves.

Fast forward a few years they are trying their hardest to recover but the damage had been done. TNA’s top stars started to leave, people that had gained their fame within TNA left. Some eventually went to WWE where they are now sadly shells of what they were and are incredibly held back talent wise. Their best matches are seemingly behind them.

This is the issue with WWE, they take great wrestlers, they cut their move set down, and adjust their characters to be more PG and in the process change the very essence of who these people are as professional wrestlers. It’s shameful. They took WCW and after a few year began the PG era and not only took out any need for them to feel like they had to compete or put on an excellent show anymore but when you add in the fact they also bought ECW you see the issue: they want to be the only one.

No era in wrestling has been as good as the mid 90’s to early 00’s and that was due to intense competition and the drive to do better. They need this. The wrestlers have more career choices. The fans have more flavors. But what does this have to do with TNA?

Well, earlier this year TNA sold out, they became known only as Impact Wrestling. After a few short months under that branding, their new parent company bought out none other than Jeff Jarrett’s new promotion called GFW (Global Force Wrestling). They then merged it with Impact Wrestling giving Jeff Jarrett creative control over the newly formed company now going under the banner of GFW.

Wow. He managed to not only pull off a full circle of life in a few short years but the ultimate hat trick. Not only is he back in control of what is essentially TNA, now GFW, but he also once again owns a minority stake in the company he founded back in 2002. Shocking to say the least.

Now I cannot comment on what they are doing now that he’s back in charge, I’m behind in watching but I’m hoping he can keep this ship from sinking and bring back the TNA that the real fans loved. Let’s hope the rumors of GFW being for sale again are false, and that WWE keeps their grubby hands off of it.

Not only would the acquisition by WWE be horrible for the fans, but it would be felt by the entire industry as lack of competition would be very evident, and seeing GFW is the 2nd largest promotion in the USA this would be horrifying.