This show started with little fanfare but that was expected as it was still the early 90’s and they hadn’t yet started increasing production values to where you might be more familiar with them. Vince McMahon and Jesse “The Body” Ventura started the event sitting on some horses as my wife watching next to me wanted them to poop in the arena. Seeing they were in Texas I guess it was fitting if not a bit stereotypical.

They then went straight to a promo with Mr. Perfect and The Genius. It started off a bit comically and was generally a decent promo if not a bit odd.

Next, they aired a Hulk Hogan promo. I was not that impressed. It seems it was the same modified spiel he gives almost every time on the mic. Not bad, just so-so.

In the first match of the night, it was Hulk Hogan vs Mr. Perfect. Hulk Hogan started the match with an impressive power display. That led to a nice back and forth between the two. Hogan continued to display a lot of power in the match. Mr. Perfect was much more of a thinker in the match, whereas Hogan was more setting pace and heavy on action. Not too surprising The Genius got roughed up after the match. It was a decent match and even this was already better than WrestleMania VI, though that doesn’t take much. This match left me hopeful for the rest of the event.

Earthquake promo with Jimmy Hart and Jesse Ventura was next and was kinda crappy. The only part remotely entertaining was when Jimmy Hart made the pig comment at the end. Haha.

Hillbilly Jim promo was odd, at least to me. I don’t speak hillbilly apparently. It was hard to understand, and he kept going off on stories. Not impressed to be honest.

Hillbilly Jim vs. Earthquake was next. They had some early corner action with the turnbuckle and let me tell you Earthquake botched those pretty badly. Not only did Earthquake oversell them, but Earthquake also ended up overselling and ruining moves being performed for most of the match. It just seemed there was not much force behind his moves and his acting was off when Jim was doing his. The match was quick and crappy. The after match display was the same old crap Earthquake always does, and it’s gotten old.Rick “The Model” Martel’s ad for “Arrogance” was a bit blah. Just short and nonsensical. Meh.

The Hart Foundation promo followed that. I liked this one, though I do feel it was too short. Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart was goofy as usual while Bret Hart was, well, Bret Hart. Honestly, one of the better promos of the night even though there wasn’t much to it.

The Rockers did a promo next, and it was even shorter and just not good, at all. There was literally nothing to it.

The match between The Hart Foundation and The Rockers followed their promos as seemed to be the format for the time. I was expecting a good match as both teams were solid performers back in their time. The Rockers were a fast-paced high-flying team whereas The Hart Foundation was more methodical and power wrestlers. The match seemed to be off to a good start. I had a small what the hell moment as Demolition came out to ringside. They proved to be more than a slight distraction to the teams in the ring. And further in the match they distracted them even worse. Not that they did anything but stand there. But, that distraction led to a double DQ due to interference on their part. It was a sad end to an otherwise great match. Even the after match brawl between all the teams couldn’t erase the fact it ruined a great match.

Another Earthquake promo. Ewww. Wasted time. Very short though.

And another Hulk Hogan promo. Snore. Not understanding their need to waste airtime on these. Thankfully short.

Haku promo with Bobby “The Brain” Heenan was not very convincing. They did insult Texas to gain heat though.

Next was The Ultimate Warrior promo, and it was same as usual. The standing with his back to the camera shit he did was getting old. I still don’t understand his appeal. He’s not that great on the mic, and he’s even worse in the ring. Sigh. It was way too long, drawn out, and boring promo. Way too long.

With the Haku vs. The Ultimate Warrior match I wasn’t expecting much. While Warrior may have had a bigger name than Haku, Haku was better in the ring by far. The match started pretty heatedly. Near the beginning of the match, Ultimate Warrior botched a move to send Haku over the ropes. Haku was good in the match while Ultimate Warrior was just meh. Sadly it was as expected. Yep, another crappy match with an even crappier ending. It ended way too abruptly with Ultimate Warrior doing maybe 3-4 small moves and then pinning Haku. Disgraceful. As I stated earlier I still don’t understand why people liked The Ultimate Warrior he was utter garbage in the ring AND on the mic.

Another “ad” by the model this time a bit more satirical. Not great but ok.

Akeem’s promo with Slick was slimy and had way too much strange hand movements by Akeem. Akeem’s character was just not good. Not even remotely good.

Big Boss Man promo was good. I loved his character’s attitude. He played it well and didn’t overdo the stereotypes. Nicely done. I do find it to be an odd character to be fan favorite though.

Big Boss Man vs. Akeem was the main event. I was expecting a mediocre match mainly due to Akeem’s character which I felt would hold him back, again. The match was power against power, size for size. The match surprised me and showed promise early on, and it was looking better than expected. But just as I started getting into the match DiBiase and Virgil ruined the match by interference. Sigh. Boss Man fighting them after the match was decently exciting though. It was nicely done though I would still have preferred to see the match.

The promo that followed the match was an interview with Heenan, and it pushed the plot forward with the upcoming match between Ravishing Rick Rude and The Ultimate Warrior. Heenan always seemed to be one of the better people on the mic.

Oh boy, another stupid Ultimate Warrior promo. Boring, old, and just all around blah. Ewww.

Overall this was a good event. Nice matches and action, hell of a lot better than WrestleMania VI. It was a bit heavy on the promos, and some of the matches ended rather badly, but for the most part, the matches were solid and had decent pacing and action. I only wish their other events were this good, or better. Did you watch this event? What are your thoughts? We would love to hear from you in the comments below.